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Echoes in the Sand

Bright sun
Warms the earth
The tide fled
Leaving remnants
Life, once teaming
Merely empty shells
The beauty remains

Footprints in the sand
As temporary as those
Whose husks litter the beach
Waves roll in
Reclaiming its own
Erase my steps
Only memories remain
Written 6/3/2011


From a distance
It doesn't matter
You can't see them
Nor they you

In person
It's different
Have you practiced
Your poker face?

Was it good enough?
One more round
Of infinite edits?
Too late, now

Sleep on it
If you can
Another day
Written 08/2011



From broken leaves
And trodden grass
Sunlight kisses
Bring from the ash

A sprig of green
And petal white
Up through the spoils
To reach the light

Our darkest thoughts
On sun starved days
Fly far and wide
As springtime plays
Written 11/2009

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